Spick & Span


Spick and Span is an everyday convenience store located on Golf Road, opposite Loewen Cinema and just a short walk to the beachfront.

Selling a range of groceries, sweets, alcohol and snacks, it makes for the perfect location to stock up before your day out on the beach, or to grab some supplies whilst on the way home.

You’ll find an ATM machine outside of the store, allowing you to draw out money any time of the day or night. The ATM charges £1.85 for withdrawals.

JISP App fopr Spick and Span

Save in-store with Jisp

You can now save in-store at Spick and Span with the Jisp app. Download for free at www.jisp.com. Once downloaded, create your account, and check out the amazing deals! When in-store, simply scan the product on offer with your app, and then pay at the counter to save on selected products.

Accepted Payments

  • Cash
  • Card


  • Wheelchair Accessible
  • Cash Machine

Food Hygiene

Spick & Span has been awarded a food hygiene rating of 5 - Hygiene standards are very good. Date of last inspection: 18th January 2018.

Food hygiene rating of 5

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