Mablethorpe Lifeboat Station

MablethorpeEmergency Services

In an emergency please dial 999, and ask for the coastguard.

The Mablethorpe Lifeboat Station covers a 20-mile section of the coastline of Lincolnshire, from the south of Saltfleetby Haven to the North of the North Sea Observatory at Chapel Point.

The team is made up of 13 individuals who work very hard to keep visitors to our local award-winning beaches safe for everyone. Mablethorpe RNLI operates two inshore lifeboats: an Atlantic 85 and a D class.

You can read more about the team over on the HMCoastguard website.


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Events by Mablethorpe Lifeboat Station

Mablethorpe RNLI Station Open Day

Come along to meet the Mablethorpe RNLI crew, take a look behind the scenes and watch them launch their boats!

Sorry, this event has ended

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