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If you’re in need of fuel or some essential supplies for your journey, then the Empire Garage has you covered! Located on Alford Road, it’s in the perfect location before you head out for the day.

With the Empire Garage being one of the more popular garages in our area, they are often very busy during the day. To cut down on queue times, they have multiple pumps with easy access. You’ll be able to refuel your vehicle quickly with ease and get back on your journey.

In their shop, you’ll be pleased to discover they have a range of snacks, drinks and convenience items. Whether you’re looking for a sandwich, a bottle of Coke or some sweets for the kids, Empire Garage has it all.

Accepted Payments

  • Cash
  • Card


Food Hygiene

Empire Garage has been awarded a food hygiene rating of 4 - Hygiene standards are good. Date of last inspection: 19th November 2020.

Food hygiene rating of 4

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