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Eastfield Farms is located in Maltby-le-Marsh, just down the road from Oham Lakes, and a short drive from the town centre of Mablethorpe.

Plant Nursery

Enjoy the bright colours and the fragrances at the Eastfield Farm Plant Nursery. Whether you’re an experienced gardener or just starting out, their wide range of plants caters to all gardening needs. The autumn and winter range of plants are now in store! Pick from a range of pansies, to primproses, to succulents!

The Cow Stable Tea Room

Relax and unwind in charming tea Room, where the aroma of freshly brewed tea meets with the scent of blooming flowers! Enjoy a cream tea with a selection of locally made cakes, scones or ice cream.

Eastfield Farm Tea Room
Tea Room at Eastfield Farm
Eastfield Farm, Maltby-le-Marsh

Farm Shop

Choose form a selection of freshly harvested vegetables and tender cuts of meat, straight form their fields and pastures.

Fresh produce from Eastfield Farm
Freshly picked vegetables from Eastfield Farm

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