Mablethorpe Beach

Mablethorpe is home to an award-winning beach that has many aspects to offer to the general public, holiday goers, and families. Its golden sands give an inviting, clean, and spacious area to make memories on and to soak up the British summer. So whether sandcastle building is your thing, or you prefer to take the more relaxing route of life and to sunbathe on your towel Mablethorpe's Blue Flag awarded beach is the place to spend your summer afternoon.

Our beach is home to luscious, green, grassy dunes that give the beach character and variety. Mablethorpe values and cares for its residents and visitors safety as it provides Coast Guard services that are readily available and are on watch, making your time here as family-friendly and enjoyable as possible. The Beach is patrolled by lifeguards to give you peace of mind for your children's safety. The beach is ever so popular, especially around peak times in the summer and children's school holidays. With a lot to offer for fun and entertainment from arcades on the beaches promenade and surrounding areas to donkey rides along the water's edge, its no wonder why it's so busy amongst families and tourists.

Mablethorpe Beach has a local lifeboat station that has been in operation since the 1800s. They operate two inshore lifeboats and their crew members have been presented with 9 awards for gallantry. As well as the Local RNLI lifeguard service, Mablethorpe also has the Sandi the Starfish scheme that is specifically catered for children and vulnerable adults should they get separated from their families whilst visiting the coast. Equipped with meeting points that are visible by the large flags flying in the air, children and vulnerable adults are equipped with a wristband that ensures members of the scheme and RNLI can contact parents or carers of the individuals. These wristbands are completely free and are available at certain areas along the beach and throughout Mablethorpe. One such area is the Mablethorpe Police Station. This scheme hopes to ensure a safe and pleasant stay with family whilst you visit the resort.

Our Awards

Blue Flag Mablethorpe Beach was given its Blue Flag award in 2017 and its Blue Flag season is from the 15th of May to the 30th of September. What does a beach have to do to qualify for such an award?

In order to qualify for the Blue Flag, a series of stringent environmental, educational, safety, and accessibility criteria must be met and maintained.

— Blue Flag Website

The Blue Flag award is an eco-labelled award given to marinas, beaches, and sustainable boating tourism operators. What does this mean for those who visit Mablethorpe Beach? It means you can trust the environment you come to visit to know professionals have tested and deemed its waters, sands, and overall environment as a safe and clean area. This gives peace of mind to know that you or your children's safety is paramount to Mablethorpe. Its residents and those in charge of maintaining its reputation take pride in knowing its recognised by such a broad and worldwide environment based fund. Guaranteed to be a safe and happy visit for all those who experience Mablethorpe's long stretching beach and golden sands.


On top of its safety, natural areas, and rewards, Mablethorpe Beach has many attractions available for all ages and parties to enjoy.

If you're fancying a break and somewhere to relax along the sand, Mablethorpe Beach along its 6 miles of coast has the iconic beach huts for hire on weekends, weekdays, and if you're looking for something seasonal they provide that also. With great views of the clean and golden blue flag awarded beach and trusted reviews from holiday goers who use the huts regularly, its worth checking out. Along the Promenade and in various other areas close to the beach there are cafes and restaurants that provide some of the best traditional British seaside grub. You will never be scarce for choice and in value.


Mablethorpe Fairground

The fairground is a very popular attraction for families to come and spend the day together and to let their adrenaline run wild. Open every day from 11am you can get your adventures started early! They have a wide range of golden oldies from dodgems to the waltzers and more. Food is readily available to purchase around the fairground also to top up on the energy lost from screaming and having fun. Whether you fancy a coffee, fish and chips, hot dogs, or some souvenir classic rock, they have it all. Mablethorpe fairground also has arcades and games to break up time on the rides. Fancy trying your luck? Read more.

Sand Train

Along the Mablethorpe coast transportation can also be fun! The Sand Train offers cheap rides along the seaside cost that has been operating since 1952. It can be used as a mode of transport to and from places or if you're looking to just relax and enjoy the ride along the water's edge this is the attraction for you. A Mablethorpe Classic that has been trusted for decades to bring smiles and fun to those who visit and live in the area.

Donkey Rides

Donkey rides are also popular amongst the children at only £3.00 ago. Hosted by an experienced donkey keeper who has been providing Lincolnshire coasts with traditional summer fun for years, he hopes to bring the people of Mablethorpe the same joy that comes from spending time on the sand riding such a friendly and gentle creature that has been the icon of beach trips in England coastal towns for as long as we can all remember.

Dunes Complex

The Dunes Complex offers a family-friendly environment with good food, a wide choice of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks and live entertainment right on the beach-front. View their page for more information on times and location. Read more.