Leslie Yates

Do you like our artwork that's featured on our website and social media accounts? The artwork was provided to us by Leslie Yates.


I am a 62-year-old ex-coal miner who lives in Calverton Nottingham. I spent my honeymoon in Mablethorpe 43 years ago and have been going to Mablethorpe regularly ever since. I am a self-taught artist.

Here is a complete collection of Leslie's artwork so far.

Sand Train (Sold)

Mablethorpe at Night (For Sale)

Anderby Creek, 1930s (Sold)

Donkey Rides (Sold)

The Sign (Sold)

Train Station (For Sale)

Beach Chalets at Sunset (Sold)

Bucket and Spade Cafe (Sold)

Boating Lake, 1955 (For Sale)

Mablethorpe Outlet 1 (For Sale)

Mablethorpe Outlet 1 (For Sale)

If you would like to contact Leslie about any of his artwork, please message him via his facebook.