Mablethorpe Car Show: A Wheely Great Event!

27 May 2019Jamie

As someone who knows very little about cars, I was sceptical about the newly established ‘Mablethorpe Car Show’ event being held on Sherwood Field. However, I was more than just pleasantly surprised; the glorious sunshine and variety of activities made it an interesting and enjoyable day out.

The main attraction of cars was clear to see, as the grassy expanse of the field was filled with row upon row of cars of every description. Models ranged from classic, vintage cars from the ‘60s and even before then, as well as brand new vehicles presented by their respective sellers, advertising new stock.

Mablethorpe Classic Car Show
Mablethorpe Car Show at Sheerwood Field

Everyone was keen and excitable about their cars, and more than willing to answer questions and explain the ins and outs of their particular show item, which was helpful for novices such as myself. And if cars were not enough, there were also collections of motorbikes, mopeds and quad bikes; camper vans and caravans were represented as well, allowing people with an interest in all motored vehicles to engage and enthuse with one another and the people around them.

Although cars and other vehicles were the undisputed stars of this event, there was plenty to do for those whose interest lay elsewhere. For adults, there was an abundance of stalls stretching across the outskirts of the field, offering every item imaginable, both vehicle-related and otherwise.

Activities at Mablethorpe Car Show
Vintage fire truck at Mablethorpe

The majority of these were charities, such as the British Legion and the Lifeboats, which meant that you could enjoy the festivities whilst also supporting your local community, independent stall owners were present as well, which is where the true variety was offered, as these were more tailored to the event rather than being generic merchandise.

Even children were represented, as there was a large bouncy council, face painting, and ‘kiddies’ archery available for them to try out. This, coupled with the food and drink stands — serving burgers, hotdogs, and ice cream — gave the new event a more festival tone, as there was much more to offer than simply cars and other vehicles.

That being said, there was an impressive turnout of cars and other motors, and the entire day had a buzz as people expressed their deep interest in the field and those who knew much less listened attentively, learning about the hobby of collecting and maintaining these outstanding vehicles. It was a different event, new to the area, but the popularity proves that there is a demand for such shows, and both car lovers and people like myself are hoping for more of the same.