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The last time this event was held was on the 29th July, 2023.

The yearly Mablethorpe Illuminations event will be held again this year on the 29th July. This free event is perfect for the whole family and will feature a variety of things to do all day, throughout the town.

Starting in the morning, there’ll be a continental street market along the High Street, featuring a number of stalls serving up delicious food from all across the globe!

At 8pm the Illuminations switch on will happen, followed by fireworks on the beach.



Mablethorpe Beach Party

Mablethorpe Summer Beach Party – A Day To Remember!

Last weekend saw a fantastic turnout at the Mablethorpe Summer Beach Party! The seafront came alive with laughter, music and joy, as hundreds of local residents and visitors gathered for a day of fun-filled entertainment.

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